Police cleared supermarket because of highly poisonous spider in banana crate

Police cleared supermarket because of highly poisonous spider in banana crate

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Lower Saxony: Poison spider in banana crate - supermarket evacuated
A highly toxic spider was discovered in a supermarket in the district of Oldenburg (Lower Saxony) on Friday evening. The animal was in a banana crate. The poison of the captured spider can cause severe pain in humans.

Market management evacuated supermarket because of spider
For people with fear of spiders, the news is likely to be a really scary one: On Friday evening, a highly poisonous, about four centimeter tall spider was discovered in a supermarket at the discounter Lidl in Harpstedt in the district of Oldenburg (Lower Saxony). According to a report by the Delmenhorst / Oldenburg-Land / Wesermarsch police inspection, the market management notified the fire department and evacuated the market. The animal was caught and the supermarket reopened on Saturday.

Poison from the spider found can cause severe pain
According to the police, a fire spider expert from Rotenburg was informed about the professional fire brigade in Bremen, who appeared on site together with the regulatory office of the district of Oldenburg and a veterinarian from Bremen, who specializes in exotic pets. “The spider, which was in a banana crate, could be caught and handed over to the employee of a rescue center. It was a so-called banana spider with the technical name Phoneutria, ”the police wrote in the report. This species is considered very toxic. According to health experts, in addition to severe pain, spider venom poison can also cause priapism (painful erection) in humans, which can be associated with severe pain in the penis. If left untreated, it can lead to impotence.

Exotic animals make it to us more often
The finding of the animal is not really unusual. "Every now and then exotic spiders manage to survive the long way from overseas to the local supermarket," reports the police. After consultation with the Veterinary Office of the district of Oldenburg, the market in Harpstedt was reopened on Saturday as usual. As stated in the police report, after a targeted search of the premises, no danger is to be expected. People who are still unsure can get advice from experts who explain what really helps with fear of spiders. (ad)

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