Hikers and athletes: Blisters on the feet can be easily prevented

Hikers and athletes: Blisters on the feet can be easily prevented

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Adhesive tape can prevent blisters on the feet
A blister on the foot is a known problem, especially for hikers and athletes. Shoes that are too tight or a warm, humid climate can also increase the risk of getting a painful bladder. There are several ways to prevent this. A study showed that a patch is particularly well suited for this.

What helps against blisters on the feet
Long hikes, tight shoes, warm and humid weather: these are all factors that increase the risk of getting a blister on the foot. To prevent this, health experts recommend that you always wear well-fitting shoes. It should also be ensured that the socks do not wrinkle. Some also recommend rubbing new shoes inside with soap or petroleum jelly. Others advise powders or antiperspirants, especially if you have sweaty feet. Well-intentioned tips are really enough. But what really helps has now been shown in a new study:

Simple medical tape
According to a US study, a simple medical tape from the pharmacy helps to effectively protect feet from blisters. As Grant Lipman of Stanford University Medical Center and colleagues in the journal "Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine" report, significantly fewer blisters occurred when vulnerable areas on the feet of study participants were covered with a simple layer of tape before an ultramarathon. According to this, 98 out of 128 runners had no blisters in places where the patch had been applied. In places without plaster strips, blisters developed in 81 of the runners.

Effect under extreme conditions
Lipman had previously been told by patients and endurance runners that the thin adhesive strips should protect against blisters. In the current study, the team of scientists examined the effect of the tape under extreme conditions. Namely on the 155-mile “RacingThePlanet” ultra marathon, in which runners cross deserts around the world. According to the information, only one foot of each runner was protected with plaster before each section of the race.

Super cheap blister prevention method
In a statement from Stanford University, Lipman said: "It's a ridiculously cheap and easy method to prevent blisters." And further: "You can get them anywhere. A small roll costs around 69 cents, and should last a year or two. ”The expert added,“ The best way to get to the finish line is to take good care of your feet. ”(Ad)

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