Firm beer belly, hip fat and bloated belly: How men get rid of their fat belly

Firm beer belly, hip fat and bloated belly: How men get rid of their fat belly

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Beer belly or lifebuoy: What types of belly do men have?
There are studies showing that women love men with a belly, but mostly these are likely to be exceptions. If men who are too fat want to shrink their belly, it also depends on what type it is: is it just a small tummy or a powerful beer belly? There are plenty of reasons for losing weight.

Not just apple and pear shapes
It is not only since the former Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl that it has been known that the various types of belly are divided into pear and apple shapes, among other things. According to some researchers, this division is far from sufficient. Leipzig scientists distinguish 17 different body shapes. This was announced by the experts, who had been studying the extent of lifestyle diseases for years, in September. Other experts also know that a big belly is not just a big belly. As different as the origin of the "satchel" is, so are the possibilities that can help. Here are some types of belly listed as well as ways to reduce the "wamp" again.

Beer belly can take on immense proportions
The shape that is probably the most typical of men is the beer belly. The upper and lower abdomen are strongly arched. The reason for this is worn out connective tissue. The place can sometimes be immense. According to health experts, this form is particularly problematic: there is dangerous fat hidden in the beer belly, which among other things can damage the blood vessels, promote fat metabolism disorders and contribute to diabetes. In addition, visceral belly fat increases the risk of coronary artery disease and heart attack. Men are particularly affected, who are more alien to active sports and who love alcoholic drinks and high-calorie food.

Regular exercise and change of diet
In order to get rid of a beer belly, of course, a change in eating habits is required: less beer, wine and the like and more often light food with lots of fruits and vegetables. As a rule, starvation does not help because the body loses water and subcultaneous fat. Regular exercise is also essential. However, exercise alone does not help against obesity. There is no way around a healthier and balanced diet. Carbohydrates in particular should be reduced. Patience is also required: such a belly did not develop overnight, nor does it disappear at a rapid pace.

Unsightly lifebuoys
Another type of belly is the so-called “lifebuoy”. This shows up in two circular fat pads, one above and one below the waist, as "" writes. This often occurs in men from the age of 30. Because then the metabolism becomes sluggish. If you continue to feed pizza, chips and chocolate as before, the unsightly rings will grow quickly. Endurance sports also help to alleviate the problem here. In addition, carbohydrates such as those from candy, alcohol or white bread should be minimized.

Gastrointestinal tract burdened by stress
Another health problem is the stress belly. It is visually characterized by adipose tissue in the abdominal wall, especially the stomach and intestines. Those affected often have intestinal problems. The cause is excessive stress. If this means that meals are often missed or swallowed quickly, the gastrointestinal tract is stressed. Relaxation exercises to reduce stress can be helpful here. It is also advisable to take your time while eating and to prefer light meals.

Avoid flatulent foods
According to “”, the belly of a bloated belly is still flat in the morning, during the day it bloats in the middle and lower abdomen. One reason for this can be food intolerance, for example against gluten or lactose. However, carbonated drinks or stress can also lead to a bloated stomach. Those affected should better avoid coffee, carbonated drinks, fast food, spicy dishes and other flatulent foods such as onions or legumes. Instead, you should eat food that is as gentle on the stomach as possible, such as cooked vegetables. (ad)

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