Naturopathy home remedies: heal cough and sore throat with marshmallow

Naturopathy home remedies: heal cough and sore throat with marshmallow

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The current mild temperatures make it tempting to only wear light clothing outdoors. It often leads to a cold. The result: cough, runny nose, hoarseness. But you don't have to take medication straight away. There are many well-tried home remedies for colds available.

Marshmallow for cold symptoms
If your nose runs and your throat scratches in autumn and winter, you don't have to resort to medication. Many health experts advise that naturopathy be the first to try a cold. Sage, chamomile and eucalyptus are known as home remedies for colds. However, somewhat less well-known medicinal plants can provide relief from an infection. Marshmallow is a good home remedy for cough. The plant reduces the urge to cough and relieves sore throat. This was pointed out by the magazine “Neue Apotheken Illustrierte” (November 15th edition), as the dpa news agency reports. To prepare marshmallow tea, let the sliced ​​root steep in cold water for 90 minutes. You can then heat the tea a little to drink. Marshmallow can also be prepared with other plants, such as plantain or mallow, to make a medicinal plant tea against dry cough.

Wrap with curd cheese or potatoes
Swallowing and sore throats can also be quickly relieved with home remedies. Here, among other things, requirements with curd cheese or potatoes can help, as the consumer initiative Bundesverband recommends in its brochure "Grandma's home remedies". To make a curd wrap, spread warm quark about a centimeter thick on a cotton cloth, then fold the edges and place the underside of the cloth on your neck, avoiding the spine. Then the whole thing is wrapped as closely as possible with a tea towel. When the curd has dried up after about 20 to 40 minutes, the wrap should be removed.

Home remedies simply prepared
For a potato wrap, two to three small potatoes are boiled gently and spread out on a cotton cloth. In the middle you put kitchen paper. Then come the hot potatoes, which are covered with kitchen paper. Then the cloth is wrapped so that a package is created. Now the potatoes are crushed with a mug until the packet is around one and a half centimeters thick. Then let the whole thing cool down. The optimal temperature can be measured on the wrist. Then the packet comes with the bottom on the neck and is attached with a tea towel or similar. It is best to let the wrap take effect for an hour. (ad)

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