Germanic medicine: brown poison in natural medicine

Germanic medicine: brown poison in natural medicine

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Germanic healing? Brown poison in natural medicine
Critical spirits, who are skeptical of "conventional medicine" and are looking for natural healing methods - regardless of the pharmaceutical industry, vehemently reject any contact with fascists. But there is a deep brown tradition of "naturopathy" that attacked modern medicine as "Jewish" and opposed the Hippocratic oath to heal people, racial madness and "unworthy life".

Anthroposophy, ariosophy, herbalism and homeopathy considered Himmler and the Nazi ancestral heritage to be "Germanic" medicine, which stood against "Jewish" rational empiricism, because "the Germans recognized his peers by their minds".

The Nazi ideology of the “New German Medicine” is particularly fascinating for right-wing extremists today, but derivations of it also haunt in circles of naturalists who generally reject misanthropic worldviews; Often the knowledge is missing here that it is not a "forgotten healing art" of the ancient Germanic tribes, but a murderous teaching of the 1930s, which belongs to the Nazi regime as much as Mengele in Auschwitz.

Homeopaths paid little attention to the inglorious role that representatives of their guild played in the Nazi extermination system, and Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophy was even elementary to Himmler's ideas of biodynamic agriculture.


Anthoposophy emerged around 1900 in the course of the life reform movement, in the ethnic milieu, which was directed particularly against the ideas of the French Revolution, i.e. against liberalism and socialism.

Ruddolf Steiner was at times close to social democratic reform pedagogy, then he invented anthoposophy; in it he mixed astrology, karma teaching and rebirth with the idea of ​​"root races": Africans were therefore subject to their animal instincts; Native Americans a "Saturnian race", degenerate and doomed. The "Aryan race", on the other hand, unites the "spirit-creating whites".

According to Steiner, the history of planets is determined; invisible beings and rebirths belong to the cosmos in which man has to fit in fatefully.

Biologically dynamic agriculture

Steiner saw cosmic forces in organic fertilizer, that is animal manure and green manure, and agriculture should be compatible with "cosmic laws": The apple belonged to the planet Jupiter, for example. Only living beings could transmit the cosmic forces, and therefore he rejected mineral fertilizers.

Biodynamic agriculture in an anthroposophical variant is based on Steiner's idea. At Steiner, people develop through reincarnations that depend on “planet ages”. This allegedly taught him the “Akascha Chronicle”, which only supernatural beings had revealed to him.

As such a "chosen one", he propagated untouchable "truths" about agriculture, "races", medicine and school, which contradicted the enlightened pedagogical knowledge of his time as well as modern medicine based on empirical evidence.

According to Steiner, there was no evolution, but the "human races" had taken place on seven planets one after the other, and these planets determined their properties. In the process, "overruns" emerged, namely the "Atlanteans" and the white Europeans, the "Aryans", as intellectual races.

People without I-consciousness emigrated to East Asia, and the drive-controlled people without intellect became the "Negroes". He "knew" about dark-skinned Africans: "Because he has the sun on the surface of his skin, his metabolism proceeds as if he were being cooked inside by the sun. That's where his instinct life comes from. "

We know such fantasies from fever sufferers or from paranoid schizophrenics in acute psychoses. In fact, later psychologists at Steiner diagnosed a schizophrenic illness.

He agreed with the Nazis that the "Aryan" was the "master race". He wrote: "The blond hair actually gives cleverness." But the blondness loses because the human race becomes weaker. Steiner also shared Hitler's fear of the “degeneration” of the “Germanic race”.

Steiner's idea of ​​biodynamic agriculture had nothing to do with not using pesticides or criticizing industrial animal production, but rather with "cosmic forces". Substances such as sulfur have “spiritual properties”.

He rejected the agricultural science of the 20th century; Physics, chemistry and (scientific) medicine would not recognize the "inner connections" revealed to him by unearthly (therefore not verifiable) forces.

In summary, anthroposophy was directed against empirical science, against the materialism of the modern left and the Enlightenment, in short against everything that characterized the ideas of the French Revolution.

Steiner's fantasies of cosmic forces and angels that guided people were just as little new as his supernaturally defined status as a preacher of an absolute truth, and the predestination that cannot be changed through human activity through karma and rebirth.

Rather, Steiner drew from the esoteric-racist tendencies of the early 20th century, which combined the worldview of the Middle Ages, overcome in 1789, with immovable hierarchies between master and servant, combined with the ideology of the Indian caste system, which "cosmically" divided people into high and low and as seasoning added racist constructions of anthropology.

Such ideas came only too close to Heinrich Himmler's “Germanic mysticism”, and leading Nazis were consequently enthusiastic about anthroposophy.

Steiner's brown disciples

Rudolf Steiner's agriculture found enthusiastic supporters among the National Socialists, and conversely, many anthroposophists recognized themselves in the Nazi regime. The Nazis dissolved the Anthroposophical Society, but this was not due to political opposites, as was the case with Communists and Social Democrats, but on the contrary to the competition from an ideologically similar organization outside the NSDAP.

The imperial peasant leader Walther Darré reshaped Steiner's principles to "life law farming". The anthroposophist Ewald Köhler saw the Third Reich as the realizer of anthroposophy.

He wrote: “At the same time, however, there was a movement that deepened the biological question of lifestyle and created a science of natural medicine. Strictly speaking, this means nothing more than racial hygiene. ”His idea of“ natural medicine ”coincided with the SS.

The best known representatives of this "natural medicine" under the Nazis were Heinrich Himmler and Rudolf Hess. Technology fanatics competed with these “eco-fascists” within Hitler's leadership. Himmler and Heß were just as enthusiastic about "biodynamic agriculture" in Steiner's tradition as they were about renewable energies, homeopathy and "German" medicinal herbs.

Erhard Bartsch, the editor of the anthroposophical magazine "Demeter", bridged the gap between the anthroposophically inspired Nazi elites and the anthroposophist Steinerscher Schule.

The anthroposophists were particularly protected by Rudolf Hess, and as long as he stood by Hitler, Steiner's “organic farmers” were able to operate freely and Waldorf schools were able to develop. Hess fled to England in 1941, and only now did Hitler close the Waldorf schools.

Anthroposophists never propagated genocide, but like the Nazis, they divided people into "races" with higher and inferior abilities, and the hierarchy of these "races" differed only marginally from the racial madness of the NSDAP.

What particularly appealed to the Nazis about anthroposophical biodynamic agriculture was the intersection with the “blood and soil” ideology of the “people's community”. The "Germanic farmers" should, according to the Nazi racial theory, eat self-sufficiently so as not to be dependent on other "races".

Heinrich Hinmmler started a large-scale experiment in Nazi “natural medicine”. He had the inmates in the Dachau concentration camp create a biodynamic herb garden, led by the anthroposophist Franz Lippert.

The Dachau herb garden

A laboratory for "folk medicine" belonged to the concentration camp herb garden. Countless inmates died from forced labor to plant the plantation. They had to work in the rain and cold, in soaked and inappropriate clothing, the guards mistreated and arbitrarily killed the enslaved.

Human experiments, homeopathy and herbal medicine went hand in hand. Right next to the garden, the SS tortured prisoners in ice water to investigate the effects of hypothermia.

The ubiquitous epidemics, caused by the appalling hygienic conditions and the malnutrition of the victims, offered the experimental field to the NS "natural medicine": For example, they treated tuberculosis patients (unsuccessfully) with homeopathy.

Rudolf Sturmberger writes on "The rational insanity of this place can be guessed if you know that a concentration camp brothel was set up a few hundred meters from the crematorium, and that a few hundred meters from the unfortunate who are in the Ice water experiments were tortured, the SS guards lovingly took care of the Angora rabbits in the concentration camp. Because the SS maintained these rabbit breeds as a commercial enterprise in more than 30 concentration camps, in 1943 that was more than 25,000 animals that were kept better than the prisoners. ”

The anthroposophical company Weleda looked after the herb garden, and Lippert had previously worked here.

The “German Experimental Institute for Nutrition and Meals (DVA)”, a group of the SS, researched medicinal plants. A "new German medicine" was to replace the empirical scientific medicine of the Weimar Republic.

"New German Medicine"

Natural medicine of the 1920s emphasized a holism between mind, body, nature and cosmos, which "conventional medicine" does not take into account. Nazi doctors found a steep template in it.

Heinrich Himmler and the SS organization "Ahnenerbe" in particular believed in a "Germanic high culture" from which the other high cultures in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome had derived and financed expeditions and excavations in order to provide evidence of this fiction. ) Find.

The main role that Jewish and Arab doctors played in the history of "conventional medicine" had to be a thorn in the side of "Germanic believers". For centuries, medicine in Isfahan, Baghdad, Cairo or Cordoba was far ahead of the later Germany hallucinated by the Nazis as the "center of the Germans".

Himmler saw, firstly, a historical general attack by the "Jews", through the witch-hunt of the "Jewish" Roman Church, to destroy the "fertility of the Aryan race", secondly, his idea of ​​a "new Germanic empire" had to be converted to a fictitious "Germanic medicine" tie in. Fictional because only little was known about the medicine of the ancient tribes east of the Rhine, which the Romans called Germanic tribes.

On the one hand, the search for "old (herbal) knowledge" of the "Germanic ancestors" fit perfectly into the ideology of the "master race", and on the other hand, "holism" could be transferred directly to the fascist state: the individual was no longer in focus the "holistic medicine" of the NSDAP, but the "people's body" that would have to be cleaned of "harmful elements". In Dachau, these political opponents who had been designated “people's pests” paid “Germanic medicine” with their lives.

The Germanic mystics in the NSDAP were able to build on the various ethnic concepts of the 1920s. Peter Kratz writes: "The concept of unity in diversity as an organizational harmony is reactionary in the class society determined by contradictions and opposing opposites because it leaves the rulers with the decisive advantage from the start: domination."

In 1935 the "Association for a New German Medicine" was founded, which was to merge natural and conventional medicine. "Health" received the "Aryan race" for the National Socialists. Each "comrade" was therefore obliged to keep his genome healthy, and German life reformers propagated the funds for a "healthy lifestyle".

It was not, as in the "conventional medicine" of the Weimar Republic, which was based on the Hippocratic oath, to heal the individual suffering of individual people, but to "keep the race healthy". This meant continuing to “breed” the people considered particularly “Aryan” by the Nazis, not “pure-bred”, but to murder people with real or alleged handicaps.

The consequence of this contemptuous teaching, cynically termed euthanasia (Greek beautiful death), cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people: inmates of psychiatric hospitals as well as citizens of Eastern Europe and Russia who were regarded as “subhumans”.

"Germanic New Medicine"

The inglorious role played by doctors in the Nazi era was partly revised after 1945 by critical medical historians. However, the curious "treatment methods" spread again; Right-wing extremist doctors who lost their license to practice and anti-Semitic conspiracy fan buttons who allegedly rediscovered "lost knowledge" joined the "mystical medicine" of their NS role models.

Ryke Geerd Hamer (born 1935) was once a doctor, but lost his license in 1986. He was imprisoned for illegal practice, was searched for by warrant and designed the "Germanic New Medicine".

In 1995, he was suspected of being responsible for over 80 deaths from his “treatment”. This year, the authorities saved the six-year-old girl Olivia Pilhar's life by depriving her far-right parents of parental authority. The "previously" treated the cancer patient according to Hamers "methods".

The Koblenz administrative court declared Hamer in 1989 unable to practice the profession of doctor because of "a weakness in his mental strength, unreliability and a psychopathological personality structure". But Hamer continued to work - illegally.

In 1992 he was given probation in Cologne for six months because one of his patients had to have a leg amputated because of his “treatment”. Relatives of "Germanic New Medicine" patients treated to death successfully complained, so that Hamer was imprisoned in Cologne for one year in 1997.

In Germany the ground was burning under his feet, which is why he practiced in France, but also ended up in prison here, from 2004 to 2006. Arrest warrants existed in Austria and Germany, but Hamer evaded by fleeing to Norway.

According to Hamer, there are five “biological laws of nature” that apply to all diseases. Every disease is triggered by a “biological shock”. Cancer is a "special biological program" and a reaction to this shock. Cancer is part of the cure and should never be "disturbed" by medication and surgery. Rather, the patient had to lose fear of cancer in order for healing to proceed. Around Hamer, there is a fan base that rejects any rational method of curing diseases.

This community is made up of right-wing extremists, which is obvious, because Hamer's conspiracy craze corresponds to the Nazi ideology. For example, he said:

“As is well known, the Jewish religion divides everything into benign and malignant, including in the so-called Jewish medicine. We non-Jews are forced to continue practicing Jewish conventional medicine. 15 million of your fellow citizens from your people have been killed in the past 20 years (by "Jewish conventional medicine"). "

Hamer always hides "the Jews" behind his prison terms and the banishment of his fancies by serious doctors. The “Talmud Zionists” wanted to “kill all non-Jews”.

Cancer chemotherapy would supposedly plant chips in the patient that would kill the patient by remote ignition. Jewish doctors were behind it.

Vaccinations also served the "Jewish lodges" to mark people with chips in order to control them. Hamer is close to the "Reich Citizens' Movement", which claims that Germany is a GmbH, which is shown in the staff (!) ID. The prominent member is the neo-Nazi Horst Mahler.

Hamer intends to become the "President of a German Reich". In this new “Germania”, Germanic New Medicine is to replace today's medicine.

Salvation and death

The girl Sighild died of diabetes - more precisely, she died because her parents treated her using Hamer's methods.

Baldur and Antje Renate B. lived in a settlement of the "Art Community - Germanic Faith Community", which was led by the neo-Nazi Jürgen Rieger. The goal was to breed "purebred Aryans". The members were only allowed to reproduce among themselves. Your children will have to endure deprivation, pain and suffering to prove that they are strong enough to be considered reproductive.

The community isolated itself from the modern world. As for the NSDAP and Hamer, pain is a blessing for the Germanic believers and the death of the individual is necessary so that the “way” lives on. Baldur B grew up in a Nazi family and spent his young years with the "Viking youth".

The parents withdrew their daughter's medical checkups when her diabetes became known and the girl died because she did not give her insulin. Another Germanic believer testified that the parents had deliberately refused the medication so that the child would die. There was no legal evidence that the family let the girl die on purpose.

Hamer explained the case with the "Jewish conspiracy". The “lodges” had implanted a “death chip” into Sighild and then killed them, as it were by remote ignition.

Bert Hellinger

Right-wing extremists are also up to mischief in the therapist scene. The "family therapist" Bert Hellinger hit the headlines when a participant in his seminars committed suicide in 1997 after blaming her for her mental health problems.

Hellinger was originally a Catholic theologian in South Africa, he propagated open anti-Semitism, relativized the Holocaust, glorified National Socialism and consequently bought the Reich Chancellery from Hitler in Berchtesgaden to carry out his "therapies" there.

Hellinger openly represents the Nazi ideology of the homogeneous community. According to him, "people and homeland" are orders outside of which one would get sick.

His views on refugees fit Pegida or the AfD. He said, “They can only get well if they go back home and if they are ready to share the fate of their people. Some flee from it, and they impose themselves on another home that doesn't belong to them and doesn't need or want them at all. ”

Cultural racism, in which peoples represent biocultural units, goes hand in hand with the agitation against people who leave their homeland, whether because of war or poverty. Hellinger's ideology calls the New Right “ethnopluralism”.

Hellinger's "family therapy" assumes that the perpetrator and victim are fatedly linked, and in order to create "harmony" both would have to acknowledge their fate. He explicitly refers to the victims of the Third Reich while ridiculing the resistance fighters as "suicides". However, he sees the Nazi perpetrators as the "victim" of overarching coercion.

Hellinger therefore openly or hides fascist ideas and presses those seeking help into authoritarian patterns in which they should accept their “fate”.

"Family constellations according to Hellinger" are widespread, even in alternative circles, which probably have nothing to do with his misanthropic constellations. Hamer's "Germanic New Medicine" is almost only taken seriously in extreme right-wing circles, but fragments of the "search for our roots" and Nazi ideas of the "secret knowledge of our people" seep into the natural healing scene.

Especially in circles that are open to esotericism, the indifference to fascist concepts is usually not because they share anti-human ideas, but because they do not know their backgrounds. The enthusiasm for supposedly alternative models to "conventional medicine" goes hand in hand with ignorance of the methods of honest science that extends to rejection - in medicine as well as in history or social science.

Within such a “destruction of reason” (George Lukasz), brown pied piper have a simple game.

The Black Sun, the symbol of the SS, and esoteric fantasies about the "selectivity of the Aryan race" bustle at esoteric fairs between angel horoscopes or Chinese Tao. Consumers of such literature would probably be shocked if the NPD distributed their leaflets.

The Anthroposophical Association in the Netherlands has clearly distanced itself from Steiner's racism; such a cut is still pending in German anthroposophists. It is in any case questionable what remains of Steiner without his construct of human races, whose fate determines the planets - someone could just as well refer to Marx, but reject the relationship between capital and labor.

Skepticism towards the pharmaceutical industry is only too easily opening the door for an inhumane agenda. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)


Peter Kratz: The Gods of the New Age. At the intersection of "new thinking", fascism and romanticism. Elephant press.

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