AOK warning: Avoid excessive sugar consumption

AOK warning: Avoid excessive sugar consumption

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Expert calls for better sugar protection for children
Sugar is a very unhealthy food that is used as an ingredient in much of the food products in our society today. For many people, life without the sweetener would be inconceivable. Right now at Christmas time, a lot of sugar is consumed in all forms. The experts from the AOK therefore warned of the effects of sugar in a current press release.

Too much sugar is unhealthy. Almost all children have heard this sentence at some point. But still no other food is as popular with adults as the sweetener. It should never be forgotten that too much sugar harms the human body. AOK experts explained to consumers that the consequences of sugar consumption are urgently needed.

Sugar in many drinks and foods
Sugar is found in almost all of our everyday foods. It is therefore difficult not to consume too much sugar throughout the day. In the morning we often eat sugar in the toasted bread, a ready-made pizza for lunch also contains a lot of sugar and in the evening many like to eat some chocolate or similar sweets in front of the TV. If you now consider how much sugar is in our drinks, it is really no wonder that the average German consumes far too much sugar.

Expert calls for advertising ban on sweets on children's television
It is very important that our children in particular are protected from sugar, explained the prevention expert, Dr. Kai Kolpatzik from the AOK. The negative health effects of sugar could have a huge impact on our children's lives and then persecute them all their lives. For this reason, the doctor advocated a ban on advertising sweets on children's television. In addition, candy and soft drink vending machines should never be installed in schools, added Dr. Kolpatzik added in the AOK press release. The expert also called for clearer labeling on food packaging. The labeling should be easy for everyone to understand and leave no question unanswered. The doctor advocated a kind of traffic light system for the sugar content in our food. Such easily understandable food information, but would still be missing in Germany, criticized the AOK expert. In the end, however, everyone has to take care to live a healthy life and not to consume too much sugar, emphasized Dr. Kolpatzik.

Avoid soft drinks and finished products
But how can we consume less sugar in our everyday life? What should we pay special attention to in our diet and which products contain a lot of sugar? Everyone should take care that they only eat small amounts of sweets and soft drinks. Such products almost always contain a lot of sugar. We should also generally cook with fresh ingredients if possible and check the list of ingredients in all finished products, explains the expert. It is also very important to consume regular meals because this keeps blood sugar at a constant level, explained Dr. Kolpatzik. If our blood sugar drops too much, we may develop a kind of cravings. If you get an appetite for something sweet, it is better to grab fruit and dried fruit before opening the bag of gummy bears or a pack of chocolate, the expert continues. An unsweetened cup of coffee can also help in such cases, Kolpatzik added. (As)

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