A year-old girl's brain tumor shrank after a Pope kiss

A year-old girl's brain tumor shrank after a Pope kiss

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Baby's brain tumor shrinks after Pope Francis kiss
During his visit to the United States, Pope Francis kissed a small, sick girl on the head. Now, two months later, it is reported that her brain tumor has shrunk. The parents of the one-year-old speak of a miracle. With some types of cancer, tumor regression without treatment is not that rare.

Parents believe in a miracle
When Pope Francis visited the United States two months ago, when he appeared in Philadelphia, he kissed the one-year-old Gianna on the head, according to various media reports. At that time, the girl's parents had little hope for their daughter because she suffered from an incurable brain tumor that could not be removed by surgery. However, an MRI check showed that the girl's tumor had shrunk so much that it is barely visible. According to the information, the baby's state of health has improved significantly. Little Gianna is starting to show things that she hadn't done before, the overjoyed mother explained. The parents speak of a miracle cure.

Spontaneous healing is known in medicine
The phenomenon of "unexpected recovery" is known in medicine. Cancer rarely leads to spontaneous healing without treatment. However, it is known that tumor regression in a few cancers without treatment is not that rare. In the meantime, the underlying mechanisms are becoming increasingly better understood: the immune system obviously does manage to recognize tumors. The cancer information service has summarized important information about spontaneous healing on its internet portal. (ad)

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