Never freeze fresh apples

Never freeze fresh apples

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Fresh apples can be stored for a long time if properly stored
Apples are healthy, tasty and versatile. But if you don't want to process all the fruit straight away, you can also keep the apples, because many varieties are ideal for winter storage. So that the apples are still fresh in the spring, it is important to create optimal storage conditions. The consumer information service aid gives tips on what should be considered when storing and processing the fruit.

Power packs with many vitamins and minerals
Apples are true “all-rounders” for health, because they contain a lot of vitamins, trace elements and other valuable minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron. Accordingly, they should best be on the menu every day, whether pure, as apple sauce or cake. If you still have a lot of apples at home after the end of the harvest and don't want to boil them down, you can of course store them. However, on the advice of the consumer information service “aid”, some points should be observed and optimal storage conditions should be created.

Not all varieties are suitable for winter storage
This includes, among other things, a low storage temperature of approx. 4 ° C as well as high air humidity and targeted ventilation. In addition, the apples should e.g. be stored in a dark cellar or a frost-proof garage, whereby it should be noted that the fruits must not touch. In addition, it should be borne in mind that apples emit the natural “ripening gas” ethylene, which turns green parts of the plant yellow quickly and makes fruits and vegetables grow old faster, according to the aid agency. Accordingly, it is advisable to always store apples separately or at some distance from ethene-sensitive species such as pears, broccoli, cucumbers and tomatoes - insensitive vegetables such as Leeks and mushrooms, on the other hand, tolerate the proximity of apples.
It is also important that not all varieties are generally suitable for winter storage. Because while this is not a problem for varieties like Boskoop, Braeburn, Gala or Jonagold, e.g. Gravensteiner, James Grieve or Klarapfel are better eaten or processed straight away.

Easily produce dried fruit yourself
For example, it is possible and relatively uncomplicated the production of dried fruit. For this, the apple is first freed from the core, peeled and cut into thin slices. Then the apple wedges are dried on baking sheets or grates lined with parchment paper in the oven or dehydrator at 60 to 65 degrees, depending on the size and thickness, for about 12 to 24 hours, as recommended by the aid. However, the oven door should be left slightly open so that the steam can escape. It is also advisable to check the wedges more often during drying, because the apple rings should still be slightly elastic in the end.

Despite the delicious taste, the dried apples should be enjoyed in moderation, advises aid. Because the energy content in terms of weight is significantly higher than that of fresh fruit, which means that 100 grams of dried apples contain four to five times as many calories as 100 grams of fresh apples.

Refine apple sauce with caramelized sugar and apple juice
Another option of processing is the popular apple sauce. In order to modify and boil it down, the chef Felix Wessler from the restaurant “Dining Room” on Norderney recommends caramelizing some sugar at the beginning and then, depending on taste, with white port wine or apple juice to wipe off. Only then are the apples added in small pieces and boiled down as usual. "The apple sauce is perfect with a fresh vanilla bean and cinnamon," Wessler told the news agency "dpa".

Never freeze apples
However, freezing the apples is not an option, according to aid expert Harald Seitz. Because the fruits have a very high water content, they lose their taste. Deep-freezing also creates ice crystals that break open the cell structures. "The apple loses its consistency as a result," Seitz continues. (No)

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