Berlin youth judge is committed to legalizing cannabis

Berlin youth judge is committed to legalizing cannabis

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Two to four million people in Germany regularly consume cannabis. These consumers have to live with fear of prosecution and social stigma. “We need new legislation,” says Andreas Müller, “Germany's toughest juvenile judge” at the Bernau district court near Berlin.

Society had long since lost the fight against drugs. Now it is important to protect the victims created by an outdated drug policy. In his new book “Smoking Weed and Crime”, he argues against outdated legislation and the nonsensical stigmatization of harmless citizens. Andreas Müller reads from his book at an event organized by the Thomas Dehler Foundation / Foundation for Freedom in cooperation with the Cannabis Association Bavaria:

on Saturday, October 17th, 2015, at 7 p.m.
Kolpinghaus Munich, ballroom
Adolf-Kolping-Strasse 1
80336 Munich

The greeting is given by Wenzel Cerveny, Chairman of the Cannabis Association Bavaria and initiator of the “Yes to Cannabis” referendum. The event is moderated by Sebastian Steinmayr, editor-in-chief of the BLR. The event will be led by Michael Lindner, communications officer of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom / Thomas Dehler Foundation. Afterwards, the guests discuss with representatives from politics and society. (pm)

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