Children's birthday: Big celebrations can overwhelm some children

Children's birthday: Big celebrations can overwhelm some children

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A big birthday party is not the right thing for every child
Celebrating the children's birthday is often a relatively stressful undertaking for parents and children. Parents want to make the birthday party perfect for their child and the little ones are often overwhelmed by the many gifts, decorations, games and visits from friends and relatives, according to the news agency "dpa", citing the experts from the online counseling service of the Federal Conference on Educational Counseling , Ulric Ritzer-Sachs.

A real competition for the best birthday party for children sometimes flares up among parents. The birthday party must not be worse than that of classmates or daycare friends and a lot of effort is put into it. However, according to the expert, not every child needs a big celebration. The birthday party often leads to overwhelming the little ones.

Consider the child's needs
It is "important to see what your child likes at all", Ritzer-Sachs is quoted by the "pa". For the first or second birthday, no celebration is required for the little ones. A nice day with the family brings them much more. The children would quickly be overwhelmed by too many guests or gifts. In addition, it should also be considered with kindergarten children whether they feel comfortable in large groups. If the child prefers to play with two or three good friends, the birthday party should be made small. There is no obligation to invite all children who were guests at the birthday party in the past year. “Then parents don't have to worry that their child isn't looked at. This is normal among children, ”Ritzer-Sachs is quoted by the“ dpa ”.

Plan children's birthday together
Planning together with the child helps to avoid stress for the little ones during the celebration. Together it can be considered who should be invited and what should be done. "It is also good to organize in advance how and when the gifts are opened," Ritzer-Sachs is quoted by the "dpa". It makes sense to go outside, maybe organize a scavenger hunt and plan a cake meal together. If you plan to stay outdoors, the invitation "Please bring rain gear" should not be missing on the invitation, Sachs continued.

As a good example of avoiding unnecessary stress on children's birthdays, the Federal Conference on Educational Advice mentions the website "birthdayswithoutpressure" ("Birthdays without pressure") of the University of Minnesota. It helps parents to defend themselves against the "event madness at the children's birthday party". (fp)

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