Depending on the cause: Stretching can help with elbow pain

Depending on the cause: Stretching can help with elbow pain

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Always have your elbow pain checked by a doctor
There can be many different causes behind pain in the elbow. Appropriate complaints should therefore first be clarified by the doctor. Depending on the cause, suitable exercises can help to relieve the pain.

Have your elbow pain checked by a doctor
The elbow is heavily used in many everyday activities such as carrying bags or various sports such as tennis or table tennis. Elbow pain is therefore not uncommon. There can also be many other causes behind such complaints. In addition to monotonous movements, injuries such as sprains or fractures, diseases such as psoriasis or irritated nerves can also be triggers. Affected people should therefore definitely seek medical attention from elbow pain.

Simple exercises for at home
As the magazine "Naturarzt" reports (issue 10/2015), there is often muscle tension behind the pain. From the shoulder-neck area, from the chest and also from the back, numerous muscles pull into the arm. Once the cause has been found and the doctor has ruled out acute inflammation such as arthritis (joint inflammation) or bursa irritation, patients can take countermeasures at home with simple exercises. The dpa news agency reports on various proposals. If the pain comes from the cervical spine, stretching above all helps: To do this, tilt your head to the side and carefully pull it aside with your hand. The stretch should be held for about 20 to 30 seconds and then slowly released.

Flexions of the fingers as a trigger for the pain
However, if the cause lies in the shoulder girdle, you can stand in the door frame, for example, place your arm on the frame at a right angle with the inside at the level of the shoulder joint and slowly turn your upper body away from the arm. You can feel the stretch especially in the chest muscle and in the upper arm. In the so-called “Golfer's elbow” (epicondylitis humeri medialis), the flexor muscles are often the cause of the pain. These can be stretched by stretching the arm horizontally forward, with the inside of the arm pointing up and the fingers towards the floor. In this position the fingers are gripped with the other hand and pulled or stretched backwards.

Naturopathic treatments can help
Depending on the diagnosis, natural healing methods can also be used to supplement elbow pain. Therapy with ice, for example, can not only relieve pain, but also reduce the power of inflammation. In naturopathy, the medicinal plant African devil's claw is used for joint pain. Depending on the cause of the pain in the elbow, acupuncture can also help to relieve pain. (ad)

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