Does beer really promote a beer belly?

Does beer really promote a beer belly?

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Expert explains how quickly beer leads to a big belly
Whoever drinks a lot of beer gets a beer belly. This is a common assumption that may sound a bit simple at first, but is obviously not that far-fetched. Because a thick "bottle" and a glass of Pils in your hand is actually not an unusual combination. But can this also be proven nutritionally? The expert Angela Altenburg explains.

Occasional glass of beer does not make you fat
"Don't drink so much beer, otherwise you'll soon have a real beer belly!" Many people assume that drinking regular beer increases the risk of getting fat. But is this assumption correct? "Yes," says Angela Altenburg, dietician at the gastroenterology, hepatology and endocrinology clinic at the Hannover Medical School in an interview with the "dpa" news agency.

Additional food thanks to its appetizing effect
But "of course everything is always a question of the dose, and occasionally a beer certainly does not make a beer brew," adds the expert. Nevertheless, it should not be forgotten that a glass already has a very high nutritional value: "A small beer, ie 0.3 liters, already provides about 125 calories," said Altenburg. And it usually doesn't stay that way, because “beer also has an appetizing effect, which is why more and possibly more greasy and therefore calorie-rich food is often consumed.”

Increased risk of diabetes from visceral belly fat
If you like to drink a beer from time to time, but don't want to increase it, you can alternatively choose the non-alcoholic version. Because e.g. Instead of using normal wheat beer for non-alcoholic, around 40 percent calories can be saved. A sensible consideration, because a beer belly is not only an optical problem, but can also be dangerous. Because the visceral belly fat sends out inflammatory substances, which can cause fat metabolism disorders and diabetes, among other things. In addition, high blood pressure, a heart attack, stroke and arteriosclerosis are more common in people with large bellies. (No)

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