Neglected: Four-year-old toddler had more than 20 pubic lice in the eyelashes alone

Neglected: Four-year-old toddler had more than 20 pubic lice in the eyelashes alone

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Doctors remove 20 pubic lice from a toddler's eyelashes
A little girl in China had itchy eyes for days before her mother took her to the doctor. He quickly found the cause of the itching and reddening of the eyes: pubic lice had nestled in the eyelashes of the four-year-olds.

Around 20 adult pubic lice in the eyelashes
In Xiamen, a city in the south-east of China, a doctor removed around 20 adult, about one and a half millimeter long pubic lice from the eyelashes of a four-year-old girl. According to a report by the Chinese Peoples Daily, the toddler had rubbed itchy red eyes for days before her mother went to hospital with her. In the university clinic, the girl was examined by eye specialists. "When I tried to lift the eyelids, I found that they were glued," chief physician Liu Zhaosheng told the Chinese newspaper.

Unsanitary conditions as the cause
On closer inspection with tweezers, he discovered small insects that had already laid numerous eggs. Liu, who has practiced medicine for 20 years, was shocked and said that he had "never seen anything like this in the eyes of a child". The eyelashes had to be completely removed to free the toddler from the parasites. According to the newspaper report, the infestation was probably due to poor hygienic conditions. Also with the grandmother, who often looked after the four-year-old, pubic lice were found in the eyelashes.

Natural protective measures against lice
Pubic lice mainly occur in pubic hair. According to experts, one should therefore also go to the urologist if itching in the genital area. Sometimes they also nest in armpits and whiskers. In the case of an infestation, home remedies for lice can often help. Sometimes it is enough to shave the affected regions. It is usually advised to wash the bed linen, clothing and towels of those affected at least 60 degrees. Combs and brushes should be cleaned every day in hot vinegar water or soapy water and should not be exchanged with other people. In Russia, a warning caused a lot of ridicule last year. The local consumer protection agency had pointed out that refraining from taking a selfie protects against lice, as the parasites crawl from head to head when the people compose themselves for such pictures. (ad)

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