Cystitis in summer: these tips will help

Cystitis in summer: these tips will help

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Tips against cystitis - not only in summer
Inflammation of the bladder is often associated with cold. But even in the summer months, many people - especially women - contract it. The urinary discomfort and abdominal pain can spoil all summer. Then it is important to know what will help with cystitis.

Women in particular get bladder infections
According to an ancient medical myth, cold floors can catch a blister. Therefore, grandmother's advice not to sit on icy ground should be followed to avoid cystitis. But there are other causes that lead to the disease. Wolfgang Bühmann, press spokesman for the professional association of German urologists, explained that cystitis is usually caused by E. coli bacteria that enter the urethra from the intestine. These bacteria are part of the normal intestinal flora of humans. Anatomical reasons are the reason why mainly women are affected: “The urethra is four centimeters long in women. Bacteria can get into the bladder more easily than in men. Your urethra is five times longer. "

Illnesses due to light clothing
The risk of inflammation can also be increased by hormonal changes in puberty, pregnancy or the menopause. According to the urologist, the fact that women often suffer from cystitis in the summer months also has to do with the fact that they are more lightly dressed and protect themselves less from the cold than in winter. It can be problematic if you let the wet bikini dry on a cold surface while sitting in the sun. Air conditioning in buses or airplanes can also be dangerous. “This creates evaporative cold. The body registers that it is getting cold, and the vital organs are supplied with more blood, ”said the doctor. If the pelvic area is less supplied with blood, it is also more susceptible to pathogens. If the immune system is also weakened by stress or taking medication, inflammation can easily develop. String thongs also favor cystitis, as experts warn. Sexual intercourse can also promote the development of cystitis. “Bacteria can get into the bladder during sex. But it is not a transmission of bacteria from the partner, ”explained Bühmann. Therefore, you should go to the toilet after sex to flush the pathogens out of your bladder.

Every visit to the toilet becomes torture
Symptoms that indicate a disease include pain in the lower abdomen, burning sensation when urinating, frequent urination / urination or malodorous urine. Every toilet visit is a pain. "Because urination hurts, many are afraid," explained Buhmann. Some women also have a fever or blood in their urine. "Then you don't have to be scared. Blood in the urine is nothing bad at first if it stops as part of the cystitis cure. ”According to the expert, 80 percent of all cystitis heals without medication. Basically, a lot should be drunk to flush the bacteria out of the bladder. It can be two to two and a half liters a day. You can also alleviate the symptoms with a hot water bottle on your stomach.

Natural home remedies are often sufficient for therapy
In addition, numerous home remedies for cystitis are available. For example, a tea made from bearberry leaves has a disinfectant effect and slows the growth of bacteria in the urine. Teas that contain birch leaves, juniper or nettle can also help. In addition, many women rely on traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture or phytotherapy. For patients who can endure the pain, an attempt with plenty of hydration and herbal products is justified, said Bühmann. Because antibiotics are used far too often anyway. "A bladder infection is no more dangerous than a runny nose," said the urologist.

Tips for protecting against cystitis
However, he pointed out that there is a risk of kidney inflammation if symptoms such as fever, flank pain and a general feeling of illness are added. Then you should definitely see a doctor. Prescribed antibiotics must definitely be taken for as long as the doctor recommends. Bühmann adds a few tips to protect yourself from bladder infection. So women should take off their wet bikini after bathing, dry themselves well and not sit on cold surfaces. You can protect yourself from the cold air from an air conditioning system with a sweater and socks. And during sex, condoms prevent bacteria from getting into the bladder. To flush the bladder, it is advisable to drink around two liters of liquid a day. Sometimes long-term treatment with a urinary disinfectant is helpful to prevent more frequent bladder infections, in order to kill invading bacteria before the inflammation begins. "It disinfects and prevents bacteria from multiplying," says Bühmann. (ad)

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