Center for drug safety opened in Leipzig

Center for drug safety opened in Leipzig

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The facility is intended to guarantee optimally coordinated and safe drug therapy
Medicines are said to help by curing or stopping diseases or by shortening treatment times and thus prolonging life. On the other hand, undesirable side effects and damage to health can also occur, which can be life-threatening in an emergency. In order to be able to offer their patients more safety, the University of Leipzig and the University Hospital Leipzig founded the Center for Drug Safety (ZAMS) earlier this week.

If several medications are taken at the same time, there is a risk of dangerous interactions
Medicines are usually used to cure, relieve and prevent diseases. In addition to the positive effects, medication can also have undesirable effects and cause health damage. If you take several medications at the same time, you also risk so-called "interactions", which occur when the different active ingredients are not compatible and thus e.g. reinforce or cancel each other. In order to minimize the dangers posed by medicines in the future, Leipzig University and the University Clinic (UKL) have now opened the Center for Drug Safety (ZAMS).

The aim of this is to ensure the best possible safety for patients when taking medication, according to the university hospital. The ZAMS is managed by Dr. Roberto Frontini, director of the hospital pharmacy at Leipzig University Hospital, and Prof. Dr. Thilo Bertsche, professor of clinical pharmacy at the university. "The newly founded Center for Drug Safety creates an interdisciplinary platform that guarantees optimally coordinated, effective and safe drug therapy for our patients," said the Medical Director of the UKL, Prof. Wolfgang E. Fleig.

Bundling forward-looking research questions
According to Prof. Thomas Lenk, Vice Rector for Development and Transfer at the University of Leipzig, it is gratifying that "the ZAMS bundles forward-looking research questions in applied drug safety". Because this enables the best possible safety for patients both in terms of the general conditions in everyday practice and on the basis of scientific research projects. "The new center also fits perfectly into our strategic research field‘ Sustainable foundations for life and health ’," said Dr. Drive on.

According to Prof. Thilo Bertsche, the task is, on the one hand, to support prescribing doctors as well as pharmacists and nursing staff with scientifically proven prevention strategies. At the same time, the work of the ZAMS is also aimed at improving the health education of the population. “After all, the right intake of medication should ensure the success of treatment. Last but not least, we keep an eye on the parents of chronically ill children and people who look after older relatives. ”(No)

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