Helpful home remedies for sunburn

Helpful home remedies for sunburn

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Drink plenty of fluids and cooling envelopes help with sunburn
At high temperatures, many people are drawn to the swimming pool. Others sunbathe on the balcony or on vacation on the beach. In order not to risk sunburn, one should always pay attention to the correct sun protection. Sunscreen with a high sun protection factor and headgear are essential in summer. If the skin hurts and burns after sunbathing, the sunburn can be alleviated with simple home remedies.

Drink plenty of water if you get sunburned
Sunburn deprives the body of fluid. Therefore, the fluid reserves should be replenished quickly. The best way to do this is water, which you should drink plenty of when it is hot. Liquid also helps against overheating or sunstroke.

Even if the temptation to cool off with an ice-cold shower is great, you should always prefer a lukewarm shower for sunburnt skin. It is also advisable to choose a mild water pressure so as not to strain the skin too much. Even with the shower gel, only a gentle, skin-neutral product should be used. This can prevent the skin from drying out.

Quark is an effective and natural simple home remedy for sunburn. It is spread generously on tea towels and placed as an envelope on the affected areas. The curd has a cooling and at the same time anti-inflammatory. If the curd is no longer cool, it should be replaced. Alternatively, yogurt or kefir can be used. Cloths soaked in buttermilk are also suitable. To reduce the risk of infection, all residues of the milk product should be carefully washed off after use.

Cool sunburn and protect skin from infections
Aloe also provides relief from sunburn. If present, a piece is cut from the aloe vera plant and the escaping juice is applied to the burned areas. The substances in aloe have a cooling and healing effect because the plant contains anti-inflammatory substances. Coconut oil can also soothe the skin and provide it with nutrients.

Another well-known home remedy that can provide relief from sunburn is black tea. If only small areas are affected, tea bags that have been previously brewed and then stored in the refrigerator are sufficient. For larger areas, towels are soaked with strong, chilled black tea and placed on the sunburn. It can also be used with chamomile tea.

Healing earth can also serve well for sunburnt skin. The healing earth is mixed with cool water so that a porridge is formed. This is applied to the affected areas. Once the healing earth porridge has dried, it is carefully washed off with cool water.

Anti-inflammatory drugs such as acetylsalicylic acid can be used for very bad sunburns. If other symptoms such as severe headache, nausea and impaired consciousness appear in addition to the burnt skin, a doctor should be consulted. (ag)

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