Addictive doctors for negligent homicide in court

Addictive doctors for negligent homicide in court

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Doctor has to answer to court for negligent homicide, extortion and fraud
A 65-year-old general practitioner and addiction doctor has had to answer to the Kempten district court for negligent homicide since Wednesday. The doctor is accused of prescribing narcotic drugs to addicts for no reason and thereby causing the death of a patient.

Addictive medicine is said to have blackmailed and cheated on patients
Doctors can prescribe opiate-dependent addicts such as methadone to stabilize their health and everyday life. However, strict guidelines and the provisions of the Narcotics Act apply. According to the indictment, the 65-year-old doctor ignored it and treated it too generously.

The general practitioner and addiction doctor is also said to have blackmailed or cheated on patients in several hundred cases because he was illegally demanding additional payments from them.

At the start of the trial, the accused relied on ethical principles. Without medical treatment, the seriously addicted patients would “perish”, the news agency “dpa” quotes the doctor. "My intention was to help people in need to lead a reasonable, worthy life." (Ag)

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