Whimsical trend: Breast milk is said to promote muscle growth

Whimsical trend: Breast milk is said to promote muscle growth

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Bodybuilders drink breast milk to build muscle
The fitness industry is booming in Germany as well, but new trends are usually first set in the USA. For example, the so-called SUP yoga on a floating stand-up paddle board in California had been practiced for a long time before it also reached this country. A new trend is now being reported: Human breast milk is said to help build muscle. Health experts warn of risks.

Breast milk is said to make bodybuilders strong
According to German experts, a normal diet would be best for building muscle, but many bodybuilders still rely on protein in the form of special shakes or bars. In the USA, protein shakes and the like are now pretty "out". Many fitness enthusiasts have recently started using breast milk. A large market has even formed for this. Freshly baked mothers offer their excess milk on forums like "onlythebreast.com". The idea is actually that mothers who cannot give milk can buy it there. But there are also more and more customers among athletes. Fitness fans apparently assume that breast milk that makes small babies big and strong should also be good for adults.

Breastfeeding is healthy - for babies
Breast milk is indeed healthy for children. So breastfeeding is perfect for the immune system and protects against allergies. In addition, breast milk is said to inhibit inflammation, promote digestion and even have an anti-aging effect. On appropriate forums for athletes, the first milk after childbirth, the so-called colostrum, is raved about. Enriched with proteins and creatines, it is said to promote muscle growth, improve recovery and reduce muscle soreness. It is also emphasized that breast milk feeds naturally. However, this does not apply to adults.

Athletes would have to drink very large amounts
In order to achieve the effect hoped for by the athletes, they would have to drink breast milk in very large quantities, as nutritionist Katharina Fodor told “20min.ch”. The expert explained the trend of strength athletes: "They are looking for the most natural source of valuable nutrients, back to nature is a trend." Breast milk actually contains growth hormones. "But these are not primarily intended for muscle building, but for the expansion of body cells and the optimal development of the baby."

Health risks from breast milk
The expert also warned of possible negative effects. "Breast milk is produced via the mother's bloodstream and can therefore also contain nicotine components or medications and also pathogens such as those from hepatitis C or HIV." The quality of the milk also depends on the mother's diet. "That is why there is breast milk that has too little substance even for infants." There are also breast milk exchanges in Germany like in the USA. In this country, nothing is known about whether athletes also want to get milk from it, but here too doctors warn of risks. In addition to the risk of possible pathogens contained, it is pointed out that the donors may also have used drugs or the milk may have been contaminated during transport. (ad)

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