Difficult farewell for seniors

Difficult farewell for seniors

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An appointment for the next reunion makes it easier for seniors to say goodbye
Saying goodbye is particularly difficult for many senior citizens. After a family visit, the farewell is often accompanied by sad thoughts and tears. When and how often will we see each other again? These kinds of questions tend to hit older people's hearts when they say goodbye. Arranging an appointment for the next reunion can help here.

Many grandparents enjoy visiting their grandchildren and as soon as they have to say goodbye, grief and sometimes tears appear. "Behind the tears is often the thought: How long can you see someone again?", Professor Meinolf Peters, managing director of the Institute for Geriatric Psychotherapy and Applied Gerontology, is quoted by the news agency "dpa". According to the expert, those affected should consciously take the time to classify the situation and the pain in parting. It is also helpful to make an appointment for the next meeting or at least make an appointment for a phone call. Last but not least, a picture of the children or grandchildren could also help.

Making it easier for seniors to say goodbye
Time is generally more important for senior citizens than for younger family members, which makes the meetings particularly valuable for them and can lead to increased grief when they say goodbye. Those who find it particularly difficult to say goodbye should make an appointment for the reunion beforehand, explains Prof. Peters. If this is not possible, the appointment to make a call can also help. So farewell may be a little easier. In addition, according to the expert, those affected should speak to the others about their condition. "The verbalization of feelings makes an enormous contribution to processing," Peters is quoted by the "dpa". In this way, grandchildren and children would have a better chance of reacting. (fp)

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