Sarcoidosis: Relief through Radon treatment series

Sarcoidosis: Relief through Radon treatment series

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Scary shortness of breath, severe joint pain and skin changes are essential symptoms of sarcoidosis. In this inflammatory disease, microscopic tissue nodules, so-called granulomas, form. They can arise almost anywhere in the body.

The lungs are particularly often affected. But eyes, liver, spleen, heart and skin are also often affected. Often sufferers suffer from elevated temperature, general feeling of sickness with exhaustion as well as painfully inflamed skin nodules, joint inflammation and swelling of the lymph nodes. In chronic sarcoidosis, also called Boeck's disease, the focus is on a general restriction of lung function with constant dry cough and general exhaustion. Climatic therapy in natural caves or former mines, especially in combination with radon and heat, works like a vacation for contaminated bronchial tubes. Because like in the high mountains and by the sea, the atmosphere is low in dust and pollen.

In addition to anti-allergic air, radon heat therapy in former mine tunnels combines other climatic factors that have a positive effect on the symptoms of sarcoidosis. In addition to tropical temperature and high humidity, the noble gas radon is primarily effective. The natural remedy radon stimulates the body's self-healing powers in sarcoidosis. The balance of certain cytokines, i.e. proteins that regulate the growth and differentiation of cells, is shifted positively. This stabilizes the immune system.

"Radon heat therapy has a lasting effect on the three main complaint areas of the lungs, musculoskeletal system and skin," explains Univ.-Doz. Dr. Bertram Hölzl, specialist in internal medicine and scientific director of the Gastein healing gallery. "Sarcoidosis therapy is indicated and its effects are scientifically proven, especially when pain on the one hand and immune system disorders on the other hand are at the center of the sarcoid symptoms." The climate prevailing in radon thermal tunnel is also interesting for sarcoidosis patients: high humidity and temperatures Over 37.5 degrees lead to the so-called hyperthermia effect, which triggers a kind of desired therapeutic fever in the body. Experts attribute this to an antispasmodic effect. The particularly pure breathing air typical of tunnels also contributes to the recovery of the respiratory tract. “The chronic inflammatory processes are inhibited by sarcoid therapy in the radon tunnel. A reduction in medication consumption has been proven for pain relievers and can be expected for up to a year and realistic for cortisone, ”Dr. Hölzl the prospects of success of a radon heat treatment.

Stollen therapy with radon and heat is recommended as part of a course of several weeks. Patients then drive several times into a thermal tunnel 600 meters deep into the mountain and spend about an hour on the therapy stations. Cures with radon treatment series are recognized by health insurance companies; the extent of the cost assumption requires approval by the health insurance company. Otherwise, for example, an application in the Gastein healing tunnel costs around 60 euros. (pm)

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