Diet: Melons taste good with cured meat

Diet: Melons taste good with cured meat

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Recommendation: melons taste good with salted meat

With the beginning of spring more and more melons are offered in the supermarket. Even if there are numerous varieties of it, watermelon is probably the most popular in Germany. Some of the melons also go well with savory foods, as a specialist magazine for culinary reports.

Melons go on sale in spring
With the rising temperatures, melons are now also on offer in more and more supermarkets. The best-known in Germany is certainly the red-fleshed watermelon, but also the elongated green tendril melons, the round Galia and the elongated yellow honeydew melons are widespread. Some of the pumpkin family go well with savory foods. The dpa news agency reports that not all melons harmonize equally well with meat, as a specialist magazine for culinary knowledge knows.

Do not store melons next to sensitive foods
According to the magazine "Lebensmittel Praxis" (edition 07/2015), Galiamelons are best suited for desserts or in fruit salads, while honeydew melons harmonize well with Graubünden meat or raw ham. In addition, it is pointed out that melons should not be stored next to sensitive foods such as kiwi, broccoli, bananas or avocados. This is because melons emit the ripening gas ethylene, which can lead to other vegetables and fruits deteriorating faster.

Valuable vitamins and minerals
Melons are also recommended for health reasons. The various varieties contain valuable vitamins and minerals such as calcium and potassium. In addition, there are, among other things, watermelon antioxidants that have the reputation of being so-called "radical scavengers". These protect against damage to the cell membranes and protect against diseases such as arteriosclerosis or cancer. In the hot season, melons are also excellent as thirst quenchers and reduce the risk of internal dehydration (dehydration). (ad)

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