Menopause isn't there?

Menopause isn't there?

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There are menopause for men

Menopause turns things upside down in women. Some of the symptoms that appear are hot flashes, irritability, nervousness, sleep disorders or dizziness. Even with the "strong" sex, hormone changes occur in advanced age. So are there menopause in men too?

No hasty testosterone therapies for seniors Experts have advised against hasty testosterone therapies for older men, according to a news agency AFP. The spokesman for the German Society for Endocrinology (DGE), Helmut Schatz, emphasized on Monday in Stuttgart that in Germany only three to five percent of men between 60 and 79 years are affected by a real testosterone deficiency, which explains a loss of libido and other symptoms be. This group, which includes men who are severely overweight (obesity) or have high blood lipid levels or high blood sugar, can be helped by hormone therapy. According to Schatz, there are no “menopause” in men.

Male testosterone levels decrease every year However, other experts speak of male menopause, which is medically referred to as andropause. During this time, sufferers often complain of sexual discomfort, loss of performance, skin changes as well as depression and erectile dysfunction. As stated in the AFP report, the male testosterone level drops by one to two percent annually from the age of 40, which usually has no noticeable effects. Male seniors over the age of 60 are more likely to suffer from depressive moods, weight gain, tiredness, nervousness and loss of libido and, more rarely, from a type of hot flush. "These complaints can have a variety of causes, and the drop in testosterone levels can also be one reason," said DGE Vice President Sven Diederich. However, most men would not have a lack of sex hormone requiring treatment.

Authority calls for warnings Therefore, the experts warned against prescribing testosterone uncritically and without determining the hormone level if there were only some signs of a testosterone deficiency. According to Schatz, there is controversy and further research into whether and what risks testosterone therapy has in older men. According to the DGE, the drug agency in the United States requires manufacturers to include warnings on the package insert. (ad)

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