Can you sweat out a cold in the sauna?

Can you sweat out a cold in the sauna?

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Does it work to sweat out cold in the sauna?

Colds are currently in high season again. Everywhere there are people who suffer from headache and body aches, cough and fever. Some prescribe a sauna session to sweat out the annoying runny nose. But does that really work?

Sweating out a cold in the sauna? Headache, sore throat, constant runny nose: colds are currently back in high season. Some sick people try to sweat out the annoying runny nose in the sauna. However, that doesn't work, explains the chairman of the German Wellness Association, Lutz Hertel. "The best you can do is accelerate the disease to come out," he told the dpa news agency. "But it doesn't go any faster through the sauna." Sick people should therefore prefer to use home remedies for colds, such as inhalations. Regular saunas, about once or twice a week, can prevent colds, as this can strengthen the immune system.

Sauna sessions with certain illnesses should be clarified with a doctor. Patients should avoid the sauna at elevated temperatures from 37.5 degrees. "The change from hot to cold confuses the autonomous control of body temperature," says Hertel. Furthermore, one should avoid a sauna session with inflammation or open wounds. And in the case of existing cardiovascular diseases such as coronary artery disease, cardiac arrhythmias (fluttering, rapid heartbeat) or high blood pressure, those affected should best clarify with their doctor whether the sauna is suitable for them. In the case of circulatory problems such as dizziness, a sauna should never be used. (ad)

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