Jerusalem artichoke: This is how it tastes best when healthy

Jerusalem artichoke: This is how it tastes best when healthy

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Raw, cooked, roasted: how it tastes best

Thanks to exotic ingredients, the modern kitchen is always more varied. But old vegetables such as Jerusalem artichoke have been experiencing a revival for years. Many hobby chefs are not sure about individual ingredients, whether they should be eaten raw, cooked or roasted. The dpa news agency has compiled some interesting information.

Jerusalem artichoke can be eaten raw or cooked It starts with Jerusalem artichoke. The Jerusalem artichoke tuber, a relative of the sunflower, is grown similarly to a potato. It has a fine brown outer skin and white flesh. As it says in the magazine “Effilee” (spring 2015 edition), the fresh tubers in foil keep in the fridge for several days. For processing, brush the tubers, whose nutty taste resembles that of the artichoke, under water and protect the cut surfaces with lemon juice from turning brown. Jerusalem artichoke can be eaten raw or cooked and tastes good, for example, in a salad with carrot, apple and onion or as a Jerusalem artichoke soup.

Healthy tuber helps you lose weight The tuber not only tastes delicious, it is also healthy. Topinambur is valued in naturopathy for its nutritional properties. Above all, the inulin contained in the tuber plays an important role in the treatment of overweight or obesity as well as diabetes. Jerusalem artichoke can help you lose weight by eating cravings for sweets. This happens through the stabilization of the blood sugar level. In addition, the consumption of the tuber leads to a long-lasting feeling of satiety. It should be noted that excessive consumption can lead to gas formation and diarrhea.

Peanuts are not nuts at all The agency's next topic is peanuts, which are not legumes at all, but legumes. But unlike peas or beans, the shell of the peanut remains closed even when ripe. As the Consumer Center Bavaria explains, it in turn has this in common with other types of nuts. The fat content of almost 50 percent is another commonality with real nuts. And the taste is also a reason why the peanut is usually wrongly counted among the nuts. The peanut aroma typical in this country is created by roasting.

Remove the bitter skin of the tamarillo before eating. Tamarillos, also called tree tomatoes, are berry fruits that can be spooned out like kiwis. The pulp, which is rich in vitamin C, provitamin A and minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium, also tastes good in fruit salads, in sorbets, as a spread, in jams or chutneys. Ripe fruits can be recognized by the fact that the skin gives way under slight pressure. The consumer information service aid indicates that the very bitter skin of the tamarillo should be removed with a sharp knife before eating. This is easier if you boil the fruit beforehand with boiling water. The egg-shaped fruits originally from South America have jelly-like flesh. The tamarillo is colored yellow, orange or red depending on the degree of maturity.

Cheese loses its taste when it freezes Fresh herb mushrooms can be recognized by their plump, white stems. These mushrooms do not need to be cleaned before cooking. The association of German mushroom and cultivated mushroom growers advises to cut herb mushrooms lengthways before frying or cooking. The herb mushroom, which got its name because it grows on the roots of herbs, unlike other mushrooms, remains firm even after heating. The agency's last message is dedicated to cheese. This freezes in taste and consistency when freezing. That's why it's best to use defrosted cheese as an ingredient in cooking, for example a gratin or grated on pasta. The State Association of the Bavarian Dairy Industry explains that hard and sliced ​​cheese and mozzarella are particularly suitable for the freezer. Whether sliced ​​or grated, the most important thing is to pack the cheese absolutely airtight. Then it stays in the freezer for up to three months. (ad)

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