New rip-off business directory

New rip-off business directory

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New rip-off: Official letters look for entry

The company "GES Registrat GmbH" sends official letters that ask you to register in a business directory. Attention: it is not immediately apparent that this is expensive. Our BDH members have drawn our attention to a new rip-off that we would like to inform you about today.

The company "GES Registrat GmbH" sends official letters, with the logo registration and an official coat of arms. The letterhead then says full-time "Registration of freelance workers i.S. de. § 18 EStG ”. On the form, some of the company’s contact details, such as the name and address of the freelancer, are already printed. Then there is a field that says:
Must be completed by you
with industry data etc.

On the right-hand side, in very small print, you will find the conditions for the entry at the limit of what is permitted by the case law. And lo and behold, it is a commercial offer for what we consider to be a completely useless entry in an online industry portal. This stitch is not new, we have reported about it several times.

If you signed and sent this back, you would have to pay EUR 1,176.00 because you signed a commitment to a two-year term of EUR 588.00.

If you receive this or similar offers in the future, you should under no circumstances react to the cover letter or even warnings of neglect etc. If you have already fallen for such "offers", which happens often enough in day-to-day business, it is best to contact the legal office of the BDH as a BDH member: [email protected]

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