Study: Marriage makes you happy and stress-resistant

Study: Marriage makes you happy and stress-resistant

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Married people are happier and more stress-resistant

The question of what makes people happy is the subject of numerous scientific studies. A new study shows that married people are happier and more resistant to stress than single people.

Higher level of satisfaction Social researchers have long observed a higher level of satisfaction among married people compared to single people. The "National Agency for Economic Research" (NBER) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, now wanted to know exactly how the "Catholic News Agency" “(KNA) reports. For this purpose, the economic research institute used data that checked how high the satisfaction of married couples was before the marriage. According to the information, the result was surprisingly clear.

Married People Cope Better With Stress "The greatest benefits of married life come at a time when people are under increased stress," said John Helliwell of the Vancouver School of Economics. “People who are married can deal with stress in their middle years much better than unmarried people.” The same phenomenon can also be observed in other difficult situations. With a few exceptions, this observation is said to apply to people from many cultural backgrounds.

Partner and best friend at the same time Furthermore, the scientists investigated why the feeling of happiness did not end after the "honeymoon phase" (honeymoon - English for honeymoon) and found that friendship is the most important link in a functioning marriage . Those who also found the best friend in their partner said twice as often that they were satisfied with life. "In everyday life, we must never forget how important friendship is," said Helliwell. This applies all the more, since in modern marriages, an increasingly equal partnership has given way.

Singles have a higher risk of heart attack. Single people are not only less satisfied and more susceptible to stress, they are also apparently more susceptible to diseases. Scientists at the university in Turku, Finland, demonstrated years ago that married people are less likely to have a heart attack. In addition, the death rate of women and men with marriage certificates is significantly lower due to circulatory disorders in the coronary arteries. However, it was admitted at the time that the informative value of the study results was limited because factors such as better financial status, healthier living conditions and social support could also play a role. (ad)

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