No increase in health insurance contributions

No increase in health insurance contributions

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No increase in health insurance contributions

Good news for members of the statutory health insurance: Most insurance companies are not expected to increase their contribution rates in the coming year. In some cases, the contribution rates can even be expected to drop; only a few small health insurance companies will probably raise the rates. Like most other large health insurers, the Barmer GEK set its contribution rate at 15.5 percent. This corresponds to the previous year's rate. The Barmer GEK: "There will be no price competition at the expense of service and performance quality at the Barmer GEK."

The reason for the new arrangement of the contributions is a change in the law from 01/01/2015. Thereafter, the statutory minimum contributions are set at 14.6 percent, the previous special contribution is no longer applicable. Instead, the health insurers can then determine additional contributions based on the expected financial situation. For most health insurers, given the uncertain developments to be expected, they are 0.9 percentage points or just below. Accordingly, the Metzingen BKK and BKK Euregio are the cheapest with 14.6 percent, the BKK family, IKK Südwest mark the top rates with 15.8 percent. The big cash registers like the Barmer GEK and the DAK are in the middle with 15.5 percent. The technical health insurance fund is even just below it: “From January 1, the TK will levy an additional contribution rate of 0.8 percent for each insurance company. The general TK total contribution rate is 15.4 percent, the reduced rate 14.8 percent. ”

The Techniker Krankenkasse is even slightly lower: "From the 1st, the general TK total contribution rate is 15.4 percent, the reduced rate 14.8 percent."

According to the law, the health insurers must notify their insureds of the changed premiums and the special right of termination by the new year. The health insurers must explain in detail how high the average additional contribution is and what the required contribution is. In addition, the health insurance companies must always refer to the list of contributions from the central association of statutory health insurers. However, this will only be publicly viewable at the beginning of the year. (jp)

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