Tooth cleaning depends on the care of the teeth

Tooth cleaning depends on the care of the teeth

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The frequency of tooth cleaning is lower, the better the care

Professional tooth cleaning is an essential part of tooth decay and periodontitis prophylaxis. How often teeth should be cleaned professionally depends on how well the teeth are cared for and the risk of developing periodontitis (gum disease). This is what Prof. Dietmar Oesterreich, Vice President of the German Dental Association (BZÄK), points out in an interview with the news agency "dpa".

Professional teeth cleaning should be carried out once a year if the teeth are well cared for. "The more vulnerable a patient is, the higher the frequency of prophylaxis should be," explains Austria. For patients with severe periodontitis, professional teeth cleaning could make sense four times a year. If the teeth are well cared for, the precautionary measure is sufficient once a year or even every two years: "The better a patient has mastered dental care, the less often the dentist or prophylactic assistant has to work," says the BZÄK Vice President. According to the BZÄK, around 50 to 70 percent of the population in Germany suffer from periodontal diseases that are causally related to diseases such as diabetes. The medical benefit of professional tooth cleaning is therefore beyond doubt.

Professional tooth cleaning initially involves "a thorough examination of the dentition by the dentist". Only then should the cleaning be carried out by a specially trained practice employee. "All deposits are removed and the tooth surfaces and interdental spaces are cleaned". The procedure usually takes about an hour. In addition to "thorough cleaning, polishing and fluoridation, advice and instructions on how to optimize oral hygiene at home are the focus of the prophylaxis."

Many statutory health insurance companies now cover part of the cost of professional tooth cleaning. Austria advises you to inquire at the cash register before treatment. The patient has to pay for the rest as a private service. (ag)

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