Medical fees: is there an additional contribution?

Medical fees: is there an additional contribution?

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Medical fees: Is there an additional contribution?

In the coming year, doctors can expect almost 850 million euros more. They had asked for five billion. The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) was nevertheless generally satisfied with the result of the fee negotiations for 2015. Is there now an additional contribution for those insured by law?

Additional 850 million euros In contrast to many medical representatives and private practitioners, the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) was generally satisfied with this year's result of the fee negotiations for 2015. So KBV boss Dr. Andreas Gassen told journalists in Berlin that this is a degree that, with an additional 850 million euros, is "within the normal range". This is more than the result for 2014 and almost as much as that for 2013. However, the KBV had asked for five billion euros. Gassen said confidently that the upcoming negotiations of the regional statutory health insurance associations (KV) could still be improved.

Highest increase in years He would have been surprised by the sometimes extreme reactions to the result. Gassen led the negotiations for the first time. He particularly emphasized the 1.4 percent increase in the so-called landmark value to 10.27 cents. Regina Feldmann, board member of the KBV, called the agreement the highest increase in the landmark value in years. In addition, 462 million euros are distributed among all contract doctors (2013: 290 million; 2014: 380 million). With the 132 million euros each for basic medical care as well as for the services of qualified practice assistants from family doctors, a step out of the budgeting was successful, but according to Gassen and Feldmann these extra budgetary services were not sufficient. Details will be clarified in further negotiations on September 24.

Additional contribution of 16 euros for insured persons For those who are legally insured, the fee contract means an additional contribution of 16 euros. The health spokesman for the Left, Harald Weinberg, calculated this. In a press release, the politician said: “The increase in medical fees by 800 million euros translates into an additional contribution of 16 euros per year, to the 50 million contributors. Because the federal government has decided that all cost increases are no longer to be borne in half by employers and insured persons, but by the insured persons alone. ”(Ad)

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