When blushing becomes torture

When blushing becomes torture

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People don't blush just in embarrassing situations

When people blush, it is often linked to the psyche. Some get a red head even with the smallest embarrassment. Others, on the other hand, turn red when they are working hard or consuming alcohol. So that blushing does not become a pain, those affected should learn to handle it more relaxed.

Blushing often closely linked to the psyche The American author Mark Twain made it very clear with a quote that blushing is more than just the visible expression of increased blood circulation in the head. He wrote: “Man is the only living thing that can blush. Or should. ”Often this physical reaction is closely linked to the psyche because it makes emotions visible. For example, in cases where people blush because they are ashamed or embarrassed. However, some people also get a red head because of exertion, they are warm or they have drunk alcohol. So that blushing does not become a torment for those affected, they should learn to deal with it more relaxed.

Why people get a red head in embarrassing situations So far it is largely unclear why a person gets a red head in embarrassing situations. "There are different theories, but none has been proven," explained psychologist Samia Härtling, who is researching blushing at the Technical University of Dresden, according to a message from the dpa news agency. An attempt to explain is that the reddening of the face in embarrassing situations could be a protective mechanism to prevent people from being excluded from their social group after a rule violation, since the red head signals: "I know I made a mistake, I am sorry."

Nervous system responsible for social blush The nervous system is responsible for this so-called social blush, which cannot be controlled at will. Accordingly, the sympathetic nerve, which becomes active in stressful situations, commands the blood vessels to expand. Then the heart beats faster, the hands sweat and those affected prefer to crawl into the next hole. As the surgeon Christoph Schick explained according to the dpa report, it depends on individual stimulus thresholds when and how often a person blushes. It treats patients who suffer from excessive flushing (erythrophobia). Schick estimates that approximately every 200th person has a congenital disorder in the control of the sympathetic nerve. As a result, the reaction chain starts up much faster.

Fear of blushing This can be very stressful for those affected. "In the case of particularly sensitive people, the expectation of embarrassment or the experience of being exposed once can become independent," said the chair of the professional association of German psychiatrists, Christa Roth-Sackenheim. "If a person avoids other people because of the fear of blushing and no longer leaves the house, a threshold to illness has clearly been crossed." Carsten Dieme believes that the worst thing is feeling alone with the problem. Dieme operates the website www.erythrophobie.de, which offers those affected a forum. "Exchanging ideas helps a lot."

Relaxation and breathing exercises can be helpful If the red head is occasionally annoying but not excruciating, breathing and relaxation exercises such as yoga or autogenic training can be helpful. Although these do not prevent the blush itself, they release tension and inner unrest. People who focus less on their red heads are more relaxed. However, if you are constantly red in the face, you should visit a doctor if necessary, as this could also be due to health problems such as high blood pressure or skin diseases. For example, the chronic disease rosacea, in which the skin is very sensitive, burns, itches and tends to swell. As this illness is thought to be related to psychological stress or stress, stress reduction often plays a role in naturopathic therapy.

Professional help can make sense. Professional help also makes sense if the fear of blushing is so great that meeting other people becomes torture. As part of her doctoral thesis, psychologist Härtling developed a short therapy. Those affected learn to concentrate on their actual task and not to be distracted by their blushing. At the same time, they are encouraged not to avoid encounters with the risk of blushing, but to actively seek them out. In this way you will learn that the situation is usually better than feared. (ad)

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