Healthy kissing: “energy injection” for the body

Healthy kissing: “energy injection” for the body

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Kiss Day: Kissing is healthy
Today's 6th kissing is not only beautiful, it acts like a real “energy injection” for the body. However, smooching can not only promote health, it can also damage it.

Kissing is beautiful and healthy. As is emphasized again and again, kissing is not only beautiful, but also healthy. According to a dpa report, kissing is, according to scientists, like an “energy injection” that strengthens the immune system and reduces stress. High blood pressure and high cholesterol could also be reduced as a result. When you smooch, your breathing rate increases, your pulse rate increases and your circulation and metabolism get going. It is also repeatedly pointed out that intensive kissing should make you slim, as this would burn additional calories.

Kissing can prolong life. Zealous kissers would also have an advantage when it comes to wrinkles, because unlike kissing muffle, they train more than 30 facial muscles at the same time and thus tighten their skin - the blood circulation is stimulated. Kissing can also extend life. Kissers kiss more slowly and have a life expectancy that is several years higher, it is reported.

Transmission of diseases However, kissing can also cause disease transmission due to saliva exchange. These include, among others, Pfeiffer's glandular fever caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, hepatitis B, herpes in the mouth and other infectious diseases such as measles. In addition, allergy sufferers should exercise caution, as the kissing partner may have consumed food that could lead to allergic reactions through intensive kissing. (ad)

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