Patient protection: transparency in organ allocation

Patient protection: transparency in organ allocation

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Patients' advocates demand transparency in organ allocation

The German Foundation for Patient Protection calls for more transparency when it comes to organ allocation. The number of organ donations had recently declined sharply. The patient protectors are demanding state solutions.

Patients' advocates are demanding more transparency

The German Foundation for Patient Protection calls for more transparency in organ allocation in transplant medicine. As the Board of Directors Eugen Brysch said in the Tuesday edition of the "Stuttgarter Nachrichten", the central question was whether the "distribution of organs" was "fair". "The population wants to be sure that the rules for organ donation are the same for all recipients." For this, it must also be clearly regulated which courts can turn to the seriously ill if they want to have a doctor's decision checked. Administrative, social and regional courts would currently pass the buck on each other.

Request to Federal Minister of Health Hermann Gröhe (CDU) was asked by Brysch to clarify the extent to which foreigners receive organs in Germany. According to the report, the Eurotransplant Foundation, which is responsible for the allocation of donor organs, wants to abandon the previous rule that five percent of donor organs can go to patients who do not live in the Eurotransplant area. Brysch criticized that in the future every transplant center could do what it wanted. "And it's about a lot of money. Because these foreign patients are private payers. A state solution must be found quickly here. ”

Decline in organ donation Organ donation in Germany has recently declined significantly and reached a new negative record in the previous year. This is related to the scandals surrounding manipulations in organ allocation. But many sick people are waiting for organ donation. These are around 11,000 patients nationwide. However, there are not enough donors. Only 28 percent of Germans have an organ donation card. (ad)

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