Fish or asparagus: seasoned salt with vanilla bean

Fish or asparagus: seasoned salt with vanilla bean

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How to make seasoned salt with vanilla yourself

Vanilla is one of the most popular spices in Germany. While in this country it is mostly used for desserts, pastries and other desserts, vanilla beans are also used elsewhere in hearty dishes. The spice producer Ute Bornholdt, a member of the Slow Food connoisseurs' association, recommends a homemade vanilla salt for seasoning asparagus and fish.

Store salt with vanilla pod for two weeks A homemade vanilla salt is ideal for seasoning tomato salad, fish or asparagus, reports the spice expert from Willich near Düsseldorf in an interview with the news agency "dpa". To make the vanilla salt, all you have to do is place a vanilla bean in a salt container for two weeks and shake it every now and then. And you already have a homemade, high-quality and tasty spice.

"Seasoning is good for the soul," emphasizes Bornholdt. The entrepreneur attaches great importance to high-quality products from natural production. These spices are of a much higher quality than artificial goods. This is demonstrated, among other things, by the example of vanilla Harvested and processed, natural vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world after saffron, for example, a bourbon vanilla bean could cost four euros and a Tahitian vanilla bean could even cost six euros the investment is worthwhile. "Natural vanilla is much finer," explains Bornholdt.

Flavorings in the vanilla pod are most intense. Mostly, vanilla pods are cut lengthways to scrape out the liquid that surrounds the seeds. The vanilla pulp contains a large proportion of the aroma and taste, but the pod is the main aroma carrier. If it is boiled up in liquid such as milk or cream, the flavorings are released. In this way, for example, a vanilla sauce can be made.

By the way: Instead of salt, sugar can also be flavored with vanilla by storing the pod in a sugar container for two weeks and shaking it in between. The homemade vanilla sugar is ready! (ag)

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