Increased coffee consumption as protection against diabetes II

Increased coffee consumption as protection against diabetes II

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Increased coffee consumption is said to reduce the risk of diabetes

According to a US study, increased coffee consumption may protect against diabetes 2. Data from over 120,000 people was evaluated in the study. However, experts doubt the significance of the study.

Increased coffee consumption should reduce the risk of diabetes Coffee is the most popular drink among Germans, even before mineral water or beer; Every citizen drinks almost 150 liters of it on average each year. They may be doing something good for their health. As US researchers recently announced, increasing coffee consumption could potentially lower the risk of developing Diabetes 2. They published the results of the study, for which data from more than 120,000 people were evaluated, on Friday in the journal "Diabetologia". According to this, people who increased their coffee consumption by one and a half cups over a period of four years - compared to people whose coffee consumption remained the same - had an 11 percent lower risk of developing Diabetes 2 later.

Data from over 120,000 people evaluated For the study, the scientists led by Shilpa Bhupathiraju from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston evaluated the data from 95,000 nurses who participated in two health studies in the USA. Data from 28,000 men who also worked in the healthcare sector and originally participated in another study were also included in the analysis. Over a period of four years, the researchers examined the coffee consumption of the participants and calculated the risk of developing Diabetes 2 in the following years to get sick. According to the results, the risk of developing adult diabetes (as the disease was often called earlier) rose by 18 percent among those who had reduced their consumption by around two cups a day during the study period. Therefore, the study authors conclude: "Changes in coffee consumption seem to affect the risk of diabetes in a very short time."

Caffeine is not responsible for the effect. In addition, people who drink a lot of coffee - at least three cups a day - had a 37 percent lower risk of diabetes 2 than those who drank only one cup or less. Earlier studies had suggested a connection between coffee consumption and a lower risk of diabetes 2. Among other things, it was found that the risk was reduced more in men than in women. In connection with older studies, scientists believed that the antioxidants, polyphenols or minerals contained in the protective effect and not the caffeine. Because with decaffeinated coffee, the effect can be measured in the same way.

Increased risk of diabetes with high blood pressure and cholesterol levels However, the authors of the current study warned that their results may show a "true change in risk". However, it is also possible that study participants lowered their coffee consumption for a reason, for example because they measured increased blood pressure or high cholesterol. You would therefore be at a higher risk of diabetes 2 than other people, regardless of your coffee consumption.

Experts question the significance of the study The data analysis of the study was described by experts as "potentially misleading". They had examined the investigation for the independent science control organization Science Media Center. Only possible short-term effects of a change in coffee consumption were examined. There is no evidence that long-term coffee consumption reduces the risk of diabetes. Her conclusion is therefore: "No recommendations on coffee consumption can be derived from this study." Experts have long held that such nutritional observation studies only provide hypotheses that on the one hand sound exciting, but on the other hand are often over-interpreted. For example, graduate nutritionist Uwe Knop explained years ago: "Enjoy your coffee if you like it and enjoy it - but don't believe the numerous reports that they reduce your risk of diabetes 'with more than four cups a day' , Depression, cancer, Alzheimer's, gout, stroke and heart disease! ”(Ad)

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