Boy needs 250,000 euros for cancer therapy

Boy needs 250,000 euros for cancer therapy

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Fundraiser for little boys: 250,000 euros for cancer therapy

Since there is no help for little Danylo in his home Ukraine, his mother came to Germany with him. The 20-month-old boy has a neuroblastoma. This malignant tumor has already metastasized. Donations are now being called for the 250,000 euro treatment.

There is no help for the little boy in his home country of Ukraine On New Year's Eve, Julia Shkurka and her son Danylo drove to the hospital in their home country of Ukraine for the first time. The doctors there suspected a gastrointestinal infection before making the correct diagnosis. The malignant tumor is located in the nerve tissue on both sides of the spine and has already formed metastases. Since the doctors in Ukraine saw no way of treating the little patient, his mother brought him to Germany and found help at the Düsseldorf University Hospital.

250,000 euros for life-saving therapy Together with his mother, Danylo was admitted to the Düsseldorf clinic at the end of March. The doctors there now want to save the boy with high-dose chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. However, the treatment is expensive: the life-saving therapy is said to cost 250,000 euros. The Deputy Director of the Clinic for Children's Oncology, Hematology and Clinical Immunology, Professor Roland Meisel, said: “With high-dose therapy, chemo is so strong that the entire bone marrow is destroyed. Because this is acutely life-threatening, the patient's own blood stem cells are removed beforehand, which are then used again after the therapy. ”This complex procedure for removing and storing the cells increases the costs of the therapy.

Costs priceless for the family However, the costs that are priceless for the small family are not covered by the insurance, as the boy does not come from any EU country. That is why the children's clinic wants to finance the therapy through donations. “EU countries often have an agreement that health insurers take care of treatments that their own country does not offer. But Ukraine is not a member of the EU, ”said Meisel. The doctor is certain that Danylo has a realistic chance of getting completely healthy if he can do the therapy. "Otherwise, this child dies." If you want to donate for little Danlyo, you can contact the parent initiative Children's Cancer Clinic on 0211/279998.

Parents are hopeful Danylo might not be alive without the traditional chemotherapy that has already started. However, this "normal" therapy cannot destroy advanced cancer. "Since the tumor is located very deep in his body, the symptoms of the already advanced disease only showed up late," said Meisel. Danylo's father Stanislas could not travel to Düsseldorf because he has to earn money for the treatment. He and his wife Julia are hopeful and so Danylos mother said: "I am convinced that the treatment will work and extremely grateful for the help we get here." The aid organization "A heart for children" also calls for donations . If you want to donate for the therapy of the little boy, you can do this under the keyword "Danlyo": Donation account: A heart for children, Deutsche Bank Hamburg, account number 0676767, bank code 20070024. (ad)

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