Sleep position reveals the status of the relationship

Sleep position reveals the status of the relationship

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The sleeping position enables conclusions to be drawn about the relationship and personality

The preferred sleeping position reveals something about the relationship and personality, scientists from the University of Hertfordshire reported at the "Edinburgh International Science Festival". The team led by psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman interviewed more than 1,000 volunteers about their sleeping position and the quality of their relationship.

Whether back to back or rather spoons - the sleeping position showed some connections with the personality and relationship life of the subjects, according to the University of Hertfordshire. In particular, the sleep distance says a lot about the quality of a relationship, Prof. Wiseman further explained. Those who do not touch during the night tend to be more dissatisfied in their relationship. The results of the British researchers suggest that the question of sleep behavior can also be used to draw conclusions about the status of a relationship. An approach that may be more considered in the future in the context of couple therapy.

Most couples sleep back to back The study showed that "the most popular sleeping position for couples is back to back," reports Hertfordshire University. 42 percent of respondents would have stated this as their preferred sleeping position. 31 percent sleep with their faces in the same direction and only four percent spend the night facing each other, the university said. Only twelve percent of the couples snuggled close together (less than two and a half centimeters apart) and two percent slept at a distance of more than 75 centimeters from each other. According to the researchers, these sleep distances were closely related to the information on happiness in relationships. Couples with a maximum sleep distance of 2.5 centimeters would have described their relationship as happy to 86 percent, whereas this only applied to 66 percent of the couples with a sleep distance of more than 75 centimeters. "Couples who had physical contact during the night were 94 percent happy in their relationship compared to only 68 percent of those who did not touch," Professor Wiseman said.

Creative people tend to sleep on the left side, extroverts like to cuddle. The psychologists also discovered some striking connections between the preferred sleeping position and the personality of the respondents. For example, extroverts would tend to spend the night close to their partner. "More creative types are sleeping on their left side," added Professor Wiseman. According to the researchers, the current study is "the first survey to investigate the sleeping positions of couples and the results provide an insight into the personality and the relationship by simply asking about the preferred sleeping position." (Fp)

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